Minecraft 1.15 is out! What are our plans?

Mojang just officially released a new version of Mineacraft version 1.15 (Buzzy Bees). Mainly focused on bees and items relating to them, as well as also fixing a lot of bugs from previous versions of the game.

The MushroomCraft servers are however still running version 1.14.4 of the game. The reason being that we need to wait for plugin developers catch up and update their software with support for 1.15. We do however look forward to make a smooth transition to 1.15 as soon as it is possible.

As a player on our server we do however suggest that you update your Minecraft client to 1.15. So that you can take advantage of the performance improvements provided in the new update. You will also still be able to join and play on our servers even if you are on version 1.15. But you wont find any bees until we have fully migrated.