MushroomCraft Royale This Friday 13/9 20:00 GMT time

This Friday 13/9 20:00 GMT time. We will be hosting a UHC event on the server. The lobby will open from 20:00 and the game starts 20:30. You will need to have joined the lobby before the game starts in order to participate. Rules are simple no hacking or cheating. If you die you lose last player standing wins.


  • 1st Place – 10 000 coins
  • 2nd Place – 5000 coins
  • 3rd place – 1000 coins

More information

Some more information the event. You will be able to join the UHC game from spawn by clicking on a NPC. The NPC will appear 20:00 GMT and players will be able to join until 20:30. The game start 20:30 GMT so make sure you click the NPC in spawn before that time or else you wont be able to join. When the game start each player will start with 20 hearts of health. If you lose health the only way to reg it back up will be by eating a golden apple or a light golden apple. Crafting recipes for light golden apple will be shown before the game starts. There will be no health regeneration except from eating golden apples so your health will be very valuable. When killing another player there is a chance that players head drop. The player head can be used as an apple when creating golden or light golden apples. The map will be randomly generated with a starting border size of 1000 x 1000. For the first 10 minutes of the game PVP will be disabled. After 20 minutes from the game start the world border will slowly start to shrink until the game is over. The game ends when there is only one player left alive. Good luck to everyone and if you have any questions feel free to ask me on Discord.

Server Information

Server IP: