Ban Length Guidelines

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Ban Length Guidelines


An Introduction

This post was made to provide the public with the most accurate and detailed description of the MushroomCraft ban lengths. Below is a guide to determining the length of the ban, but in some cases, the ban may be altered to different incidents. The staffers on the server have the ultimate decision about the length of the bans, but will follow the guidelines when they see fit.

The Warning System

The moderators and admins will warn the majority of the player base who are caught doing wrong things, but there is some exceptions to this statement. If the player is very hostile and the situation requires immediate attention, the player may be punished according to the guidelines with no warning. If the staff also sees you have already been warned either on a different day or by another staffer, little or no warning is required. The staffers reserve a right to take immediate action with little to no explanation.

Typical Ban Lengths

Chat offenses

General chat spam 3 days / 1 week
Advertising or spamming links 3 days / 1 week
Posting links to inappropriate content 1 day / 3 months
Arguing with one or more other players* 1 day / 1 week (for all players directly involved)
Repeated public discussion of sensitive topics 1 day / 1 week (for all players directly involved)
Repeatedly asking for a promotion 2 days / 1 week
Obscene chat or bad language 3 days / 2 weeks
Using racist or other hate-related speech 1 weeks / 1 month

*Arguing is defined as drawn-out bickering along with name calling


Pestering staff to do something that violates the Staff Policy 1 day / 1 week
Repeatedly killing others in PvP without permission 1 week / 2 weeks
Using hidden traps to kill others and/ or TP trapping 1 week / 2 weeks
Harassing or bullying a player through in-game chat or elsewhere 1 week / 1 month


Building inappropriate structures 3 days / 2 weeks
Breaking and entering* 1 day / 1 week
Theft of items or blocks 1 week / 1 month
Deliberate damage to builds 1 week / 2 months
X-raying 1 month / 3 months
Hacking, cheating, or large-scale damage 2 months / 6 months

*This excludes if the intruder stole anything, theft will increase the ban length.

Other offenses

Asking to teleport to anybody without valid reasoning 1 day / 3 days
Walking the line on any server rule or policy 1 day / 1 week

Other Factors

Ban Multipliers

Repeat offender +25%
Feigning ignorance or innocence +15% / +50%
Consistently refusing to admit to a crime you clearly committed +100%
Attempting to bribe or threaten others to keep crimes a secret +150%
Owning up to a crime when confronted -25%
First time offense * -25%
Making a genuine apology for your crime * -25% / -50%
Turning yourself in before a Staffer contacts you * -25% / -50%

*These multipliers are applied according to the staffers discretion.