Staff Policy

To ensure that MushroomCraft is governed fairly and continues to be a fun place to play, Staffers have a policy to follow.

Staff Policy (W.I.P)

1) Staffers will do what they seem fit for a situation. Sometimes there isn't an explicit rule or guideline to dictate how a staffer acts, so they will make the best decision based on opinion. If you believe a wrongful decision is made, file a report against the offender.

2) Staffers will treat you as you treat them. They will be friendly and mature if you show them the same courtesy.

3) Staffers will avoid creating unnecessary drama. They will deal with all rule breaking - actual or alleged - fairly, respectfully, and with a minimum of fuss.

4) Staffers have no "perks". A staff member who has been on the server many months will play the game and build things in exactly the same way as a new player who joined yesterday. They will not use their powers for personal gain or to acquire an unfair advantage in any aspect of Minecraft.

5) Staffers may use due force. They will seek to protect the creations of our members using whatever means they deem necessary for the community at any given time. Staff will generally warn a player breaking the rules before muting, kicking, or banning. In cases of obvious griefing or hacking, however, bans can be instant and without warning.

6) Staffers do not give taxi services. They will not teleport you long distances - so please don't ask! Remember that there are commands you can use to set and teleport back to locations of your choosing. You can also type /spawn to return to the spawn point of the server's main world.

7) Staffers are not vending machines. They will not give out free items unless it's for a good reason (e.g. to replace property lost due to lag or griefing, or as prizes for an event).

8) Staffers are players too. While they are there to help, you should avoid bothering them with trivialities - they have their own builds to work on as well!