YouTuber Application

Some YouTubers are eligible to receive a special rank on our server, check this page to see if you do!

Youtuber Rank Requirements

Our YouTuber rank is one of the most special ranks on our server. That said, you must meet the requirements below to get it. If you are a YouTuber and you meet the requirements, you have a chance at getting this special rank. 


*The Requirements:

  • Minimum of 100+ subscribers

  • Family-friendly content that aligns with both YouTube's and our Rules and Guidelines

  • A channel producing original gaming and Minecraft related content regularly

  • A minimum of 3-4 MushroomCraft related videos 

  • Videos of decent quality and video length


* Requirements are subject to change


If you believe you meet these requirements, please let SlidingDown know on either Discord or on Minecraft.