Server Rules

We believe that players on this server should be friendly helpful and treat each other with respect. We have therefore created a list of rules that everyone on this server is expected to follow in order to create the best minecraft experience for everyone.

1. *No griefing.

2. No Trolling/Flaming/Spamming or writing in CAPS.

3. No Cursing/No Constant Cursing.

4. Obey Staff They’re the Law.

7. No discrimination including racism and sexism.

8. No Mods/Hacks are allowed on this server.

9. Walking the line on any server rule or policy

 More information on what can get you banned can be found here: Ban Length Guidelines.

*On MushroomCraft there is grief protection; therefore, griefing cases rarely come up. The nether is not available to claim but if griefed there will still be punishment. If a player is gone for more than 60 days their claim will expire and it is considered OK to take things from said property. If you claimed incorrectly and missed a spot you can make a case against the griefer and the Staff will solve the problem accordingly. To report a griefer visit our Discord and use the #report channel.