Christmas Events for 2020


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While a wintery celebration to this magnitude has never occurred on MushroomCraft before, it's never too late to start some traditions! This Christmas season we have been working on some fun events to participate in while you have time off from everyday life. We have created five unique events that you will be sure to enjoy this Christmas. We hope you can make it to these festive events! Below is a description of each event and the corresponding event announcement screenshot. Keep in mind, each of these announcements was originally formatted for Discord.

Christmas Tree Build-off

To kick off the holiday festivities, we will be hosting a Christmas Tree Build-off! This will be taking place in our Creative World - use /warp Christmas to get there. You will need to claim one of the squares near the warp spawn to start. The build-off starts today and lasts until the 16th of December. Listed below are the rules and requirements:
1) You may only enter one tree in the build-off, but you may build as many as you like in your plot.
2) The tree must be complete by the 16th of December
3) Do not exceed the build requirements ( see below )
4) Be appropriate - no funny business allowed!
5) Follow our Rules and Guidelines
6) No griefing others' builds!
1) You may build in a 16x16x30 area - do not exceed this
2) There must be a Christmas tree somewhere in your plot
3) Must be clearly marked and named with a sign ( include the creator )

Christmas Grotto

There are 3 main events happening all at once in the Christmas Grotto. Below is a list of each events, how to participate, rules, and ( you guessed it! ) more information! To participate in any of these events, you will need to DM SlidingDown. Our server rules still apply to each of these events.

12 Days of Advent Calendar Christmas
Yes, the name is a bit drawn-out, but I couldn't find a better way to describe it accurately. Around the Christmas Grotto are not-so hidden chests full of goodies to unlock each day from the 13th to the 24th. Each chest contains a variety of prizes, and progressively unlock each day. To participate you just have to open the corresponding chest that belongs to a day and loot it. If you have further questions, DM SlidingDown.
1) Don't break the chests!
2) Have fun!

Ice Boat Race of doom!
Rather self-explanatory, really. Throughout the time period of the Christmas Grotto, randomly timed, and randomly hosted Ice Boat races will be going on! We will be using the Ice Boat track to do this. To participate is pretty simple, just hop in a boat and race like your life depends on it! If you manage to win a Admin hosted boat race, special prizes will be awarded.
1) Don't break the ice track!
2) Race like Sonic the Hedgehog

Secret Santa/ Gift Exchange
It wouldn't be Christmas without giving some gifts! Under the large ( and very obvious ) Christmas tree is a Secret Santa giveaway center. There you will find some chests that belong to others. Here you can claim your own chest and give others gifts too! To participate just head under the tree and get started! For more Information, DM SlidingDown.
1) No stealing
2) Not breaking chests/hoppers
3) Be appropriate
4) Embrace your inner Santa!

Santa's Sweatshop

It's commonly called "Santa's Workshop"... but that didn't seem fitting for the theories behind Santa's elves. In this event, you will be put in the shoes of those poor elves, and attempt to escape before Santa can stop you. Watch out! Santa's reindeer are very loyal to him and will do anything to stop you. Make sure you make it to this very special Christmas event this Saturday (19th) to participate.

Happy Holidays, Folks!