FAQ #1


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It is sometimes hard to remember the answers to everything relating to MushroomCraft. Because of this, we have made a list of all of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Every once-in-a-while we will collect a group of commonly asked questions and create a post answering those questions.

  1. Is Griefing / Raiding builds allowed on the server?
- No. Anybody found guilty of doing this will be punished accordingly.

2. How can I get money?
- You can either vote using /vote while in-game, sell items in our player shop world, or participate in our events that we host occasionally.

3. How can I set a home?
- When you first join, you will not have access to the /sethome command. To unlock this command you must vote for us at least once using the in-game command /vote. Now you use the command /sethome {name}.

4. How do I claim my base?
- You can enter the command /kit claim to get a golden shovel. With that shovel, you can select an area to claim - as long as you have enough claim blocks. You can buy additional claim blocks at our Claim Store at spawn. If you ever need help claiming, just ask around our community, we would love to help you.

5. Are there any towns on this server?
- Of course! Some communities are private - meaning that you must be invited to, but others are welcoming to anyone. The best way to find a town is to just ask around. Remember, you can always create your own town!

6. Are there jobs on the server?
- We don't give out jobs other than our Staff jobs, but some towns choose to make jobs for their citizens.

7. Can I apply to be Mod?
- Yes! You can apply on our "Staff Application" page and look at our basic requirements and tips. Keep in mind that not everyone who applies will be accepted.

8. How can I buy a shop plot?
- You can find a step-by-step process in our player shop spawn.

Do you still have questions regarding our server? Leave a post down below!