Frequently Asked Questions About 1.16 (and what it means for the player) ( Archive )

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Understandably, with the news that the Nether Update coming out soon (June 23rd) many players are beginning to wonder about what will happen to the server. Below is some frequently asked questions and their answers. Some answers are subject to change.

Question: What is included in the 1.16 Update?

Answer: To put it simply, the 1.16 Update is the long-awaited Nether Update. It contains everything from new wood types to strange creatures lurking around. Many players will seek out the new armor type and strive for the ultimate Nether experience – something we want to provide for our players!

Question: When will the server get the 1.16 Update?

Answer: The official release date of the Update is June 23rd. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to play with the shiny new update until most of the plugins we use and Paper ( what the server runs on ) update. We can’t give you an exact date when we’ll update the server yet. It might only take a few days – but it might also take several weeks.

Question: Will our main world be reset?

Answer: The quick answer is yes… and no. After some long discussions, we have decided to reset only the End and Nether dimensions. The Overworld will remain unchanged; all the while, the other dimensions will most likely receive a complete reset. If you have a vault full of diamonds in the End, it might be time to move that to the Overworld!

Question: What about our economy?

Answer: For the most part, the economy will remain the same. An AdminShop has recently taken form in the Shop Spawn to allow more currency into the system, which is a major change. For now, there is no need to worry about your money.

Question: Will our items be safe?

Answer: Yes! As long as everything you own is either in your inventory or in the Overworld, you will be able to keep everything.

We are all very excited about this new chapter in Minecraft, but be patient with us as we fine-tune all the details and wait for the plugins to update. We can’t wait to explore the Nether with you!

Original Post: June 20, 2020
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