How to File a Bug/Glitch Report

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We've all had those unfortunate instances when Minecraft or our server doesn't work quite as it should - resulting in a loss of items. Thankfully, if we can verify that it was a bug/glitch that ate your items, you could get a full refund! Remember, not every report will result in a refund, but it is always worth reporting. Below is a basic template for reporting a bug/glitch.

The Template:
-Include your IGN ( in-game name )
-State the time that this occurred ( include the time zone )

-Tell us what happened - every detail matters.
-Make a list of items you lost including their enchants ( please be honest )

A Staff Member will review the report as soon as possible. Please do not spam your report or your privileges will be revoked. Correct grammar and being polite is always helpful for our Team, as it can sometimes be difficult to read a poorly written report.
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