Punishment Appeal Guidelines

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If you believe you have been wrongfully punished you can make an appeal here. Make sure to follow the points below to make sure you have all the necessary information included. Remember that using correct grammar, being polite, and providing evidence to prove your innocence will result in a higher possibility of your appeal being accepted. Please note that these are just guidelines and that each individual Staff Member deals with appeals in different ways.

  • List why you were originally banned/muted.
  • State who you were banned by and for how long.
  • Do you regret doing the thing to get you banned/muted?
  • List any reason(s) to why your ban/mute should be shortened/removed.
Some bans can only be appealed after a certain amount of time has passed. Look below to see what punishments can only be appealed after a time period has passed.

  • Permanent Ban: Appeal after 6 months
  • Permanent Mute: Appeal after 6 months
  • IP Ban: Appeal after 6 months
  • Hacking/Cheating/Large-scale damage: Appeal after 1 month
Please remember that our Staff Team will check out your appeal as soon as possible. Spamming your appeal multiple times will lead to appeal privileges being revoked.
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