Introduction to Useful Commands

Commands can be entered at any time and typed into the chat bar. Many commands have various useful functions. The amount of commands can sometimes be seen as overwhelming, therefore, this list is available for anyone unsure of what they need to do.

Some commands require additional information while other commands do not. If the information is optional then it will be represented in (parentheses) but if it is necessary then it will be represented in [brackets].

Homes and Teleportation


MushroomCraft uses a virtual currency that is unknown to the player base. You can gain more of this currency by trading, selling, and using vote keys on the vote crate.


Claims are used to protect blocks and other items from griefing. Claims can be used in various ways and can be used as a way to form a town. You can buy claim blocks at spawn for varies amounts of money.


Shops are located in the player shop world accessed through the spawn. These shops can be used to either buy or sell. Chest shops allow a player to create a shop out of chests.

Making a Shop

Making a shop can be seen as hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. Below is a step-by-step list of how to do so. Located in the player shop world is also a list of how to make a shop.

  1. Place a chest in your plot
  2. Place a sign on the chest
    • On the first line write your username
    • On the second line write the amount you want to sell/buy at one time
    • On the third line write the amount you are buying/selling it for at one time. Ex: B: 25 (buying it for 25) S: 50 (selling it for 50)
    • On the last line write the item ID. If you are unaware of what the item ID is, click the sign with the material you are selling/buying.

If you want to delete that shop just remove the sign and you’re good as new!

Using Shops

Using a shop is easy, you just use your mouse! Left-click to sell items to that shop and right-click to buy items from that shop.

Buying/Using a Plot

Plots are where shops are located and you must own a plot to make a shop. Plots do not cost any money to the player and are free to claim if it is available.

General Purpose